Researching, Revealing, and Revolutionizing the Six Ways Women Influence Their World

WIC is a global community of women leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners who support, encourage, and inspire one another while opening opportunities and setting an example for women everywhere.

Yanina Dubeykovskaya – Founder and General Director
Joynicole Martinez – National Director, USA
Elena Carreño – National Director, Mexico

Individual Membership

WIC Membership is different from other “girl groups” and we are more than a networking organization. We aim to “Research, Reveal, and Revolutionize the Six Ways Women Influence Their World.” Our priorities are rooted in the belief that soft power, gender equity, personal and professional development can be addressed through courageous and complex conversations and information sharing. To this end, we offer rich presentations and interactions online and in person at our WIC Forums.

Individual membership is open to persons who share WIC values and goals.

  • Annual Fees of $250
  • Open to individuals who share WIC values and goals.
  • Benefits: Ability to participate in all online events/webinars within the community (a minimum of 15 events annually).
  • Publication of individual Story of Influence on
  • Access to “members only” web portal where members can share products, services, and communicate in a professional environment. 
  • 30% registration discount on all national and international Forums.
  • Subscription to the monthly WIC bulletin.
  • Printed edition of annual Journal of Women’s Influence.

Geography-Based Leadership

The entrepreneurial women that establish WIC chapters join a thriving international sisterhood of influential leaders and have access to marketing, logistics, and planning support.

National Chapter operates at the country level and can be established by any member of WIC, but requires not less than 50 members in a country, or 3 City Chapters The National Chapter Director has priority right to apply for license to produce National WIF. 

City Chapter can be established by WIC Individual Member, but requires not less than 20 members. City Chapter leader holds priority rights for launch City WIF.

Industry-Based Leadership

Industry-Based Chapters WICs can be created by Individual Member of WIC who is a Recognized Leader in any Industry. New chapters require not less than 10 members from the same industry. 

Each Industry Chapter can submit a proposal for panel discussion during WIF Global (Paris).

Additional benefit for Leaders :

  • Registration fees for Chapter Leaders are waived for the International WIC Forum in Paris.

Budget support for Chapters:

  • After official openning of Chapter, part of membership fees are added to the chapter’s operating budget.

Apply for membership on