Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri

Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri

Founder of Project Fearless & Project Director at Yayasan Juwita

As the eldest child of four, Nurul had always found herself in a leadership position by default. Her parents were both working professionals, entrusting her to manage the wellbeing of her siblings and family.

Being the daughter of both a teacher and a lawyer, she was trained by her parents to hold an opinion, speak her mind, to communicate and connect to the people around her.

Little did she know; her natural skillset was the one that many people aspired to improve in their professional life.

As a person:

An Optimistic Dreamer.

Self-described, the people who know her can only agree. Her outlook in life has always been based on her openness and curiosity, as she aims to be the source of light and positivity in every room that she walks into.

With her vibrant and warm personality, human connection comes easy to Nurul.

Having travelled independently across 50 countries through hundreds of cities, what Nurul treasures are the people that she meets and the connections that she makes. Her experiences provide the opportunity to learn about human behavior and how to navigate through the complexities of character.

As Professional:

Whilst as a person Nurul identifies herself as an optimistic dreamer, her professional story is very different. She is ambitious, driven and a natural leader. Never being the smartest in the room, her resourcefulness and strong ability to connect with people always seemed to make her the one that people turned to for guidance.

Receiving her education in Malaysia and The Netherlands, Nurul also attended the prestigious Summer School of the United Nations - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Switzerland and the Europa-Institute in Germany.

Over the years, Nurul learnt from her various roles that her true calling was education. The moment she walked into her first class as a lecturer; she knew deep in her heart that this was her purpose. Progressing rapidly to become Head of Program gave her the organizational leadership and responsibility for her thousands of students. And she loved it.

During her lecturing years, Nurul facilitated a course entitled "Study Skills and Employability". It was there that she realized that there was still so much work required to fix the skills gap between graduates and industry.

Whilst busy with her life in education, Nurul still managed to have an active role on the public stage, having represented Malaysia in local and international forums. From Russia to India, Turkey to Portugal and many more, Nurul has been on the stage of 10 countries with over 50 speaking engagements. She was also the Keynote Speaker for the Business Communication Forum, Roundtable Session, Kiev Edition, Ukraine.

As a result of her public speaking, she was honored at the age of 30 to become youngest Regional Director appointment for the World Communication Forum Davos, Switzerland. With this platform she successfully organized two editions of the World Communication Forum Davos in Kuala Lumpur and was subsequently awarded with the awards of "Relationship of the Future 2015“ and "Leader of The Future 2018”.

A passionate supporter of women’s rights, Nurul is also the sole founder of Project Fearless, a Project dedicated to empowering young women. With a vision of globalizing the participation of Malaysian women in their respective fields and building a strong foundation of women leaders in Malaysia, her forums empower the voice of women on an international level.

An educator, international speaker, founder and global nomad, Nurul has made it her life mission to educate the next generation of youth.