Ma. Yolanda C. Crisanto

Ma. Yolanda C. Crisanto

Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of Globe Telecom, Inc. | The Philippines

When Yoly Crisanto joined Globe Telecom as part of the leadership team handling Corporate Communications, CSR, Internal Communications and Sustainability in 2009, she arrived not as a telco person, a technical person, nor as an IT person. She came with the service mindset to bring about change in telco and making big steps for the company. Being an integrated marketing communications practitioner, she came in as a consumer who wanted a lasting relationship with a service provider. Her mission was to make things right for the consumer while creating positive societal impact.

Leading by Inspiration

As part of the  leadership team, their first step was to look internally, believing that to create happy customers, Globe had to ensure their own people were happy. Realizing that she and her team needed to be closer to their employees, they streamlined the telco’s hierarchical structure and made themselves more approachable through the way they act, talk, all the way down to the way they dress. The team inspired employees to do their work and left them alone when needed, resulting in a more collaborative environment.

The purpose-led, transformative culture proved just as important as our business strategy. Crisanto says, “If we make ‘creating shared value’ our business, then Globe can become a game changer. We can be the Filipino company that leads it, and we can show the world the difference we can make!”

Creating a Globe of Good

For many years, Globe has focused on strengthening its portfolio of offerings and drive to enhance customer experience to be the preferred mobile company across all market segments. From fundamental shifts in technology, industry, structure, and demographics, to climate change and natural resource scarcity, Crisanto understands that our world is facing challenges that will impact generations to come.

As the Chief Sustainability Officer of Globe, she led the creation of innovative solutions to tackle and address these challenges. This is not just what the business dictates, but it is also driven by the company’s purpose: to create a Globe of Good in everything we do to benefit customers, stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

Crisanto is a very strong advocate of driving transparency and sharing the details of the company’s sustainability focus areas: Care for the Environment, Care for our People, Positive Societal Impact, and a Digital Nation. She was able to successfully align its four focus areas with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, allowing it to contribute to nine (9) of the its global goals.

Her passion: As a communication practitioner, Crisanto loves talking to people, immersing with community and being an agent of change. She also enjoys travelling and discovering new things, food, places and culture.

What drives her: This super mom to her only child somehow manages to balance life with her multi-hyphenated career as she loves creating things from the ground up and watching it grow.

Secret to success:  She never limits herself and she keeps on evolving, learning, working hard and staying inspired.