Aleksandra Kaloshina

Aleksandra Kaloshina

Founder of Solstudio Textile Group | Russia

A world leading textile design studio, a successful niche brand of accessories and even a textile printing factory – behind all these companies stands a fragile female figure.

Aleksandra Kaloshina, founder of Solstudio Textile Group, one of the most notable players on Russian fashion market, has a rich background in both business and design. After graduation from journalism faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University, she opened first advertising agency in Russia, then successfully sold it and moved into a new field. She became first official distributor of Italian luxury textiles in Russia and opened a bespoke atelier where exquisite garments for male and female customers were made. After selling the atelier Aleksandra turned her eyes towards design and production of fabrics. Now Solstudio Textile Group includes three departments, all of them working with textiles and growing very rapidly.

Aleksandra’s personality includes unique patience, incredible workability, the highest level of self-organization and a great curiosity for life. Every day she works through giant amounts of information with a purpose to find new trends that will shape the world and the work of her company tomorrow, next season or even in five years. Aleksandra finds time for numerous lections and meetings with students, for travelling, spending time with friends and unrestrainable reading. In some incomprehensible way, this person has many different faces – an inventor, a dreamer, a visionary and a strong analyst with strong planning skills and intuition.

Global thinking and strong analysis is what leads Solstudio Textile Group development. «There is no fashion in fashion» Aleksandra says, «Precise planning based on analysis and ability to understand and use social trends are the main tools for success in fashion industry.»