Key ideas and insight at WIC-F | Paris, 2017

Key ideas and insight at WIC-F | Paris, 2017


Being a Creator

Olga Podoinitsyna (Russia): “The essence of creativity lies on the emotional and existential level - in collaboration, hard work and risk-taking.”
Alena Baeva (Russia, Luxembourg): “We should not limit ourselves to our possibilities.”
Camilla Webster (USA): “Invest in women! Women artists are strongly underestimated. In more than 50% of the US picture galleries it is impossible to find any works of female artists.”
Marie Beauchesne (France): “Don´t compare yourself with anyone! We should remain our own selves! Just go and create!”

* * * *


Being an Entrepreneur

Carol Pepper (USA): “This is the best time to be a woman, because now we can change  things and be the boss of our life. We have to be us.”
Ann Shriver Sargent (USA): “To be excellent, we need to be surrounded by excellence! Fight for those who can't fight themselves.”
Doris Hangartner (Switzerland): “My own way of influence is to Do Good. We need to keep working and build a new future!”
Natalia Smirnova (Russia): “The biggest challenge in my job is to fight prejudices: in Russia, it is thought that all reliable financial consultants are just men at the age of 70!”
Dr. Anusha Ravi (India): “Wherever we are, we all want the future of the upcoming generation to be much better! Entrepreneurship is not something you choose. It chooses you.”

* * * *


Being a Citizen

Lindy Wafula (Kenya): “We are our values and we have the power of our values. Every single person has the power to Do Good. We need to collaborate and build opportunities for a global network.”
Catherine Hernandez-Blades (USA): “Prejudices, racism, stereotypes – this is NOT citizenship. Each time, we need to ensure that a certain change really needs some progress. Dream, but write down your dream, otherwise it remains just a wish, undeveloped into a goal.”
Dr. Jiahong Chen (Germany): “Whoever has the power/energy we shall try to collaborate, we shall not be competing.”
Seçil Baykara Şendağ (Turkey): “4 out of each 5 illiterate people in Turkey are women. Only 31% of the women take part in the local labour force. 1 out of every 2 women suffers physical or sexual violence. 4 million women work without any social security…”

* * * *


Being a Mother

Ilhame Boirie (France): “Don't be ashamed to ask for a promotion! Both women and men participate in the labour market. Regretfully, accessibility to economic resources is unequal in Europe, for various structural and social reasons. One main reason for that is motherhood.”
Francesca Lana (UK): “ Build your career around your passion. Motherhood can make you a better person and a better professional in anything you do: better in listening, communication, support and much more. Believe in yourself and take care of yourself. Be there for your child. Each mother is like a ninja: she can do a thousand things at the same time.”
Jan Cavelle (UK): “We need to let our children be their authentic selves, not what we want them to be!”
Marina Malakhova (France / Russia): “Let's use the Women Influence Community to increase the influence of mothers and let's do it together.”

* * * *


Being a Professional

Prof. Patrizia Paterlini-Brechot (France): “Fight for your dream and improve the world.”
Kiki Keating (USA): “Work hard. Do your best. Make sure it’s fun. Women should be supportive. Mentoring young people is a fantastic thing you can do.”
Ekaterina Kozinchenko (Russia): “We are trying to copy men all the time. It is not right. We should be ourselves. Also: your network is crucial for your professional success.”
Maureen Murphy (Australia): “Companies with women founders statistically do better than those founded by men. Supporting women and building their networks is vitally important.”
Kara Alaimo (USA): “Be inclusive and give others the space to be their best! Now that we have discussed how our gender affects our work, I think we all agree on the need for women to support one another as mentors and also on the importance of a more active networking for women.”

* * * *

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Being a Muse

Galina Panina (Russia): “The job of muses is to shape shining diamonds not only in themselves, but in others. Find that gift in yourself and use it.”
Chioma Isiadinso (USA): “How do you go from excellence to greatness? – Each woman is a force! Look for opportunities to help each other!”
Bershan Shaw (USA): "Muse is influence. We are all Muses in this room, for everybody has a powerful story to tell, even if it is about illness or depression! When it came to such a moment in my life, I decided I wasn't going to let my Stage IV cancer diagnosis be a step down for me: I was determined to make it a step up!"

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