Organize WIF

We create а community of powerful women to strengthen the meaningfulness and scale of women's influence in shaping the world's future. Yet, our task is simultaneously to give women the business opportunity to hold events in their own countries or cities and earn profit with that.

Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Founder and General Director of WIC-F, President of the WCFA association in Switzerland

Engage and edit

If you wish to support the project as an editor or a person involving different women to tell their stories and thus make their influence more meaningful, join us as our project partner!

Marina Malakhova, WIC-F project manager (France, Russia)

Tell your story

Women Influence Community (WIC) aims to engage its members in the development of powerful women's global influence. It aims to unite proactive female business-managers, thought-leaders, philosophers, mothers, artists, muses, investors and entrepreneurs.

Aleksandra Gehrhardt, Project Manager at "World Communication Forum.Europe" (Bulgaria)